Too excited too sleep!

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I have been waiting for this news all week long, and I received the gift of opportunity finally today about 1:00 pm!!! I have been selected out of a pool of 80 to be part of a scrapbook design team for an online scrapbook store!

I called David right away. He answered his cell, and I said, "I made it!"
"We'll have to celebrate. How would you like to celebrate?" he asked me.
"Maybe we can go to that restaurant Bazzill!" I suggested as I fantasized about their funnel cake & ice cream dessert. Yum!

I've been sworn to secrecy until the announcement tomorrow at noon. How can I sleep?

*ETA: The announcement has been made. I'm part of a great team at - come visit me there!!!

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Congrats Julie Ann! And you have a great. Must bookmark this blog!