The 7 Great Prayers.

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Click on the image to get a good look! The weather was amazing yesterday, in the 60's, so David and I took advantage of it and took a stroll on the beach. Life is so good.

I've been praying a lot lately and discovered what someone calls the The Seven Great Powerful Prayers. You can click on the title link to read more. I thought I'd just share them with you here. When I drove into Cleveland earlier in the week, these prayers were my mantra.

1 - I Love You God

2 - Thank You God (list blessings God gave you today)

3 - God Your are Inside Me (focus on God within and your
SOUL feel both their presence within you)

4 - God I Attract Your Blessings (health, wealth, etc. think of
yourself as a "magnet", literally attracting God's blessings)

5 - God I See You Everywhere (in your mind's eye, with your
SOUL, see God's presence inside the blessings you desire)

6 - God Bless and I Love... (as you say this pray, bless family,
friend, co-workers, and yes, anyone you don't like)

7 - God, Help Me Help You (visualize that good you'll do for
God with the blessings you're receiving)

Say all these prayers with your eyes closed, and with your body totally relaxed.

I want to thank everyone who has sent me emails, private messages or otherwise lent their support. My grandmother did pass away peacefully last night. I believe her showing will be tomorrow and burial on Monday. I love you Grandma. XOXOXOXOXO

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amberjane said...

Gorgeous picture and I am so sorry about you Grandma :(

Miranda said...

JA< so sorry to read about your Grandmother, just know I am thinking about you.

Lkailani said...

We love you JA!