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I've dealt with Leslie and a few of the other staff members at Scrapbook Answers previously, and they are always the most personable ever. I really admire that they make themselves "available" through their magazine and in their correspondence. I have to share this because it just meant the world to me to receive this letter from her:

Hi Julie Ann,

(This is a really hard e-mail for me to write ....)

I want to sincerely thank you for submitting your work in response to our
design team call. We received more than 400 carefully crafted submissions!
It was a pleasure reviewing each and every one. We truly appreciate the time
and effort you put into your submission. Your name made it to our runners-up
list, but did not make it onto our list of finalists. (By the way, being a
runner-up means that at least three of our eight editorial staff really
liked your work. However, in the end, we had to limit the final list to
those who received at least four positive checkmarks from the panel of eight

Thank you again *so much* for your interest in our design team, and for
being a Scrapbook Answers reader. We hope you continue to submit your pages
and other projects in response to our calls. We are keeping a file
containing the names and info of all the design team hopefuls who didn't
make it on the final list but who we felt represented the best work among
all of the submissions--and that includes you.

And, of course, we value your opinion about the magazine, so please feel
free to share feedback with us any time by e-mailing us at


P.S. What we have seen of your work has been quite lovely, and please don't
think that just because you're not on the "official" DT list that it closes
the door to us working together in the future. We just had to narrow it down
somehow; in the end it was a matter of mathematics!

Leslie Ayers
Editor in Chief
Scrapbook Answers
I'm satisfied with my efforts at trying out for their team. Check out their magazine if you haven't already, the title link will take you to their website.

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Miranda said...

What a lovely letter from Leslie, such a shame you did not make the team. But as she says keep submitting, you make great things. Love that layout.


Nikki Workman said...

Really great can tell they think highly of you! I'm so proud of you for going for it. I'm sure they admired your work and the artist you are!