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Thursday night I taught my sister-in-law, whose name is also Julie Shahin (with the middle initial M.), how to do her first scrapbook page. Well, not technically her very first page because she took a class last Saturday at the LSS, but it's the first page for her daughter's album. This page has a big pocket for Anna's report cards, and was inspired by a Tim Coffey K & Co. advertisement in Simple Scrapbooks.

I brought over just the basic materials and tools as suggested by my awesome friends at Scrapbooker Online.

I didn't know what kind of page she was going to want to make so I just brought to her house some cardstock and my basket of scraps. When I say my basket of scraps, I mean it's a HUGE basket of scraps. Hurt my back just lifting it! LOL. Look what we made just with scraps, crazy huh?

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Maryfrances Fabbri said...

YAY!!! Julie. This is awesome. Hope you have the bug. Like the rest of us, we just can't get enough.

JA, you are awesome to help this wonderful lady out. It is so nice to have someone new to the craft.