A very cold day

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Late yesterday afternoon, the sunshine was just perfect for picture-taking, so I grabbed my camera and walked to the beach. 2005 had been the warmest year on record here, and I forgot just how cold it gets. I really could have had ear muffs on. This is one of the photos I took yesterday. I love the blue of the sky, and the clouds just above the horizon.

Still plugging away at my HOF entry, and it's very slow going for me. Thus, I am up early today. Very interesting today's horoscope:

January 27, 2006
Prospecting Your Future
Capricorn Daily Horoscope
You may be keenly aware of the opportunities available to you today, as financial, professional, and personal prospects seem to appear before you. Your optimistic nature can prevail and help you see the eventual gains in seemingly minor opportunities. Limited prospects may seem like they hold greater potential today. But this new windfall of opportunity may actually be the result of your personal values changing and broadening. What once looked like a dead end can suddenly become a path leading to success. It may be that your concept of success has changed or that you have adopted different priorities. If you're inclined to explore new avenues in your personal or professional lives today, you may find that heady prospects await you.

Seizing opportunities when they present themselves is the best way to take control of your future. You may encounter numerous opportunities in both your professional and personal lives, but if you don't take advantage of them, you can't make them work for you. When you have a goal or a future in mind, you increase your chances of attaining it when you are proactive about recognizing and going after opportunities. In essence, you create your own luck by actively seeking the best path and getting on it. Even if you have let opportunities pass you by in the past, taking a chance can mean the difference between personal evolution and stagnation. When you're willing to seize opportunities today, you'll reap many rewards.
Source: MyDailyOM

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Maryfrances Fabbri said...

Great photo. I love the horizontal line just titled a small amount. Very pleasing to look at JA. Great job.

Corinnexxx said...

very interesting horoscope! I so hate cold!


Lorrie said...

Beautiful picture. I want a bit of snow. We've also had a WARM winter. yesterday and today are cold, then back in the 60's for the weekend!!! =(

khuddle said...

The picture is just beautiful!