In Heaven

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I'm so in heaven today! My goodie box for the Jo-Ann's ScrapEssentials V. 2 book came today! Yipee!!!!

So here's my challenge for this week: Imagine that for an afternoon you live in a place far away from here. It's a mystical place, a happy place. The colors seem brighter, and the people are content. It's a place where all little girls get to be princesses, fairies or butterflies, and all women are queens. At my place snowflakes and butterflies both fly through the air! (And this is a photo of my mom!) Create a layout that is magical. Perhaps print a black & white photo on vellum, and let a fun patterned paper show through. Give your subject wings or a crown or both. Look to the art of Tracy Roos for inspiration.

Upload your layouts to between now and next Wednesday! Can't wait to see your creations.

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calemjess said...

absolutely gorgeous layout!

Melissa said...

Wow! I love this LO! Awesome job!

Holly said...

Very nice and fun!