My Favorite Layout of my HOF Entry

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I would have to say that I'm attracted to this layout most of all out of all ten. I think it's the colors, and also my experimentation with PSE and digital elements.

Nikki wanted to know what I learned from entering HOF. Let's see...I learned that it feels really good to go for something that scares you to death, to take on a big project and to complete it. I learned that if I'm going to enter next year, that I'm not going to wait until 3 weeks before the deadline to start. I learned that I have an amazing number of supporters and encouragers that mean the world to me. I think I'm learning that if I want to get asked to do free-lance work with the magazines that I have to go for things like this more often.

I also learned that there are certain talented people like Elsie Flanigan who can get passed over for HOF one year and yet still become a CK Golden Girl. (If I have my facts straight! Please correct me if I am wrong.) Would I do it again? Yes! Definitely.

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khuddle said...

Whooo hooo.... I am so proud of you!

DebbieHodge said...

Oh, Julie Ann, I just looked at your HOF entry and it's really really remarkable. It's stunning in its line and color. But mostly, I find it absolutely original and always interesting. Good luck placing these winners.

Nikki Workman said...

I love this and appreciate your insight.