My Favorite Thing

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What is my favorite thing at the present time in my life?

Close your eyes and visualize your favorite thing. Picture it clearly, seeing its color, shape, texture, form. Think about its function in your life, how you use it, and what it means to you. Recall how it came into your life, the circumstances of your first encounter with it and how you acquired it (if you own it)

Prompt from The Creative Journal - by Lucia Capacchione, Ph.D.

My favorite thing would have to be my Canon RebelXT camera. I never thought of myself as someone who would have the patience or the interest in learning how to use an SLR camera. My father dabbled in photography when we were growing up, and I thought it was all too technical for me. However, as the family photographer - I grew too frustrated with the delay in my regular digital camera - too frustrated with the missed shots. Yes, I did have alterior motives for getting this camera - such as to get published more and to further my scrapbo0king art career.

As someone who has thought of herself as an artist first and foremost, since the age of about 14, I really enjoy learning this new art form. It is fun to view it as an artistic endeavor - and to realize all the possibilities for creative expression with a more professional camera. And my camera would be nothing without my computer and Photoshop I would package all of them together in a bundle as my favorite things.

My friends are amazed at the size of this camera, although I really think the size is quite manageable. I think part of the trend with digital cameras right now is for them to get smaller and smaller. I've never been afraid to walk my own path though. I'm on the computer alot and my camera is usually sitting right next to my monitor, in front of my keyboard. I look at it everyday and just it's presence inspires me to celebrate life through art.

I am most alive and my heart is most happy when I create.

Thank you to Nikki (sabren) for the journaling challenge at SBO.

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