Real Women

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The Effers (link above) have posted a dare: Real Women_____________

My layout is "Real women speak their minds." I think it's time women who speak out should be admired, and not labeled bitchy or petty.

For this layout, I posterized a self-portrait. Used digital elements from Lyndsey Deeds (Pistachio Cherries), from Designer Digitals (Aqua Dreams), from Angie Briggs (doodles), from Fonts are from Lyndsey Deeds Pistachio Cherries, Hurricane, and Jersey.

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Michelle W. said...

this seriously rocks!!! Love it!!!


khuddle said...

great work JA! Are you going digital on us?

Beth said...

your digital work is wonderful! love this layout with the posterized portrait. very inspiring.

Maryfrances Fabbri said...

AMEN sista!!! Sending this to a friend who really needs it right now.