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I know that I get visitors to my blog - they must be regulars that aren't posting. LOL That's fine. You don't have to post a comment if you don't want to. I just like having my own little space that's all mine. My little blog.

So today I have spent some energy dealing with someone who wanted to create drama, and I just feel like I've eaten some spoiled food or something from the whole ordeal. It's over now and thanks to some really wise people I am able to call friends, the drama was averted.

I really need to spend 5 minutes focusing on something really positive in my life, something I really love in order to get my whole focus in a better place. What do I really love? I really love the fact that I am going to my first CK Convention tomorrow with an awesome friend and scrapper, Patti. We won't be back until Saturday night, and then she's staying in our guest room before she heads home on Sunday. I am thrilled to death to go be in a huge place with a ton of fellow scrappers. I am a Scrap Convention Virgin! LOL

As if CKC wasn't enough to take a scrapper to heaven, SBO is having a Cybercrop all weekend. I will be posting my challenge, and then my free kit called Aloha will be available to download from SBO either Thursday or Friday.

Why do I like digital scrapping so much? First, let me tangent by saying that the finalists for the Carolee's Creations contest were announced today. Voting begins next week and then two people will get to sell their paper designs at CHA. How cool is that? That is the kind of thing that brought me to digital. Being able to design my own supplies. I am the first to admit that my freebie I offered this week and this Aloha kit aren't the most amazing kits out there, yet I'm pretty proud of them for being a digital scrapper for just about 6 weeks now.

I love scrapping because I get to express myself and communicate in the language that is most natural to me. The visual arts. I am everything when I speak visually that I am not when I communicate with words. At least that is how I see myself. It's the only time I feel that I can sing and people will listen. With pleasure. That's why I scrap.

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Happay said...

i don't comment much because that would involve actually clicking on the link in bloglines. ;)

Patty's Point of View said...

Just wanted to let you know that I check your blog almost daily! I am always interested in seeing what you are up to or what's on your mind. Sorry I don't comment, I am so bad about that!!!
Have fun at CKC and have a safe trip back!