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Two great days - yesterday I found out I will have my first layout (digital to boot) in Scrapbook Trends October. Today I find out I will be in Creating Keepsakes November in the Becky's Sketch article!!!! That one is digital too. Yes, I am ecstatic.

So yes, that was my high point for yesterday - I screamed, jumped up and down, then called Maryfrances!

My low point yesterday was having to say "no" to friends. It's important to be strong enough to say "no", especially when saying "yes" brings you stress and brings you down. There are certain obligations in life you can't say no to, and then there are requests where you need to have the courage to guard your sanity by saying "no." It's not fun, and I don't feel good saying no, I even feel guilty and worry I'll be thought of as a "bad" person. Especially because I'm saying "no" to someone I consider a dear friend and I don't want to rock the boat. Yet, I've been encouraged by a professional coach to do what needs to be done when it comes to saying "no."

Anyways...getting back to today's excitement. I sent out an email to my family listing all the publications that I will be in:

Right now: July issue of Scrapbook Answers
August issue of Paper Trends
October issue of Scrapbook Trends
November issue of Creating Keepsakes
Thanks to all who have inspired me, who have supported me, who have given me praise, and who take the time to read my blog!!! Happy scrapping!

I almost forgot: These layouts are recent layouts in my gallery at Scrapbookeronline. The first layout uses Rhonna Farrer's Split Pea kit (thank you to my Secret Sister for buying it for me); the second layout uses the Shabby Shack Megakit at Digital Design Essentials; and the third layout is a scraplift from Cathy Z.'s new book!

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khuddle said...

I am so excited for you! You have worked so hard and now it is paying off! Yay!!!!

Maryfrances Fabbri said...

So glad you called me. I am honored. I am so flippin happy for you lady. What a good week you are having. Well deserved.