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I know a lot of talented scrappers chasing after publication opportunities just like me. Julia Cameron writes, "Our culture invites us to think of art in terms of product, and one of the by-products of the "product" we produce is fame. Fame is different from recognition of a job well done. Fame is like empty calories- there's no nutrition in it. Our culture encourages an addiction to fame....We are taught by the media that once we are famous, our lives will be blessed. A quick glimpse at the tabloids is all that is required to dis-abuse us of this notion....When we are focused on fame instead of our own work, we begin to ask the wrong questions. "Will this be my breakthrough project?" instead of "Is this project worthy?"

Julia's antidote to the fame drug is "a healthy dose of self-worth." The Effers recently dared us to scrap about our self-worth (dare #37). Write down 100 separate things for which you can value yourself.

For example from my list:

1. I support my husband's music endeavors
2. I made the cheerleading squad both times I tried out as a teen
3. I have beautiful flowers in my yard
4. I was active in Student Council in high school and college
5. I have a credit score of 802, with no help from my husband
6. I collected 100 favorite poems, and typed them out
7. I choreographed a handful of performances
8. I survived abusive relationships
9. I tested out of math in my college entrance exams (so I didn't have to take a single math class at the university)
10. I hosted two great parties last month

Then, after you have written your list - Julia encourages one to write for fifteen minutes what your list of 100 things taught you about your values. My list of values includes artistic expression, education, health & fitness, family, friends, entertaining, love, belief, self-growth, comfort, helpfulness, leadership, integrity, relaxation/rejuvenation, and financial security.

I have no layouts to share with you all today although I really had to crank them out this weekend for DCWV. Happy Scrappin'!

I almost forgot to give a special welcome to an old friend Jeannie who outed herself today as a stalker of my blog! LOL Her recent work is very inspiring!

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Liz Ness said...

You are so right! Thanks for the reminder about the important things that really make life wonderful; the very same things that make me love to create scrapbooks and scrapbook pages!

*Jeanne* said...

You are so inspiring in so many ways. See this is why I am always "stalking" your blog. I love it. I will do this list myself tonight... when my life is quiet! lol

Thanks you so much for your kind words about my work. Truly it means a lot. Thank you. I will be putting your link in my blog. Yep you are another artist that inspires me...


Maryfrances Fabbri said...

Great inspiration JA. Thanks!!

Happay said...

What a great quote! It put into words what I have been feeling lately. I quit trying to be published or make teams. I have just been scrapping and it feels great!