Creating Keepsakes HOF 2007 Assignment B

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Layout created for Making Memories Idol contest that I did not include in my entry.
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Assignment B: Designing with 4”x 6” photos
Create a 2-page layout that includes the following elements:

  • A minimum of three 4”x 6” photos
  • 1 journaling block
  • 1 title
  • 1 or more accents

  • (This is a required assignment.) Most scrapbookers have more 4" x 6" photos than any other size. Coming up with creative layouts to get those photos into scrapbooks is this assignment’s challenge. Remember, this needs to be a two-page layout and feature at least three 4" x 6" photos, a journaling block, a title, and at least one accent.
    Were you just like me when you started scrapbooking, only made 2-page layouts. Actually, I started out thinking that all the pages had to co-0rdinate. Soon, someone suggested I log onto 2peas - and there I discovered the one-page layout. At first, I couldn't fathom how these people do one page layouts and not have their pages co-ordinate. Then I realized their layouts featured one photo per page. Again, I was amazed by this yet I admit I eventually followed the crowd. Mainly because I noticed my two-page layouts didn't look as good as a one-page layout in an online format because it would be a reduced size. I've continued making two-page layouts and multi-photo layouts all along as well as 12x12, 8x8, and 8.5x11 layouts. Whatever the mood strikes me is what I make. Actually, whatever the photos speak to me is what I create. I do like this design challenge compared to last year's design layout requirement. Last year we were limited to a specified number of accents. The October 2006 issue of Creating Keepsakes issued the return of the 2-page layout. I have posted layout sketch resources for 2-page layouts at the EDS blog. Also I have some 2-page sketches coming out in the October Scrapbooker Online newsletter, as well as sketches by the rest of the SBO Design Team. You will also be able to see a new layout by me in the October newsletter at Becky Fleck's Page Maps site, newsletter coming out the beginning of the month. I'm not advocating you use a pre-made sketch for this contest, just suggesting you use these resources to jumpstart your own creative juices!

    Happy Scrapping and good luck with Assignment B!

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    Anonymous said...

    I was totally the same! Doing 2 pagers! Now I hardly ever do a 2 pager! I also just go with the flow, 12x12, 8.5 x 11 portrait or landscape,6x6 whatever heck I swap and change paper to digi too!

    I'm currently saying YES to HOF. It will be my first big contest. I was unsure about it yesterday but I read up on the site you shared yesterday and a lot of what they said made sense! And I think you're right looking at some 2 page sketches could jumpstart the mojo for assignment B!

    You and I sound very familiar in our thinking behind scrapbooking!