A good week

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ETA: Check out the video at the bottom in case you haven't seen it. Cool stuff.

It's been a very very good week. Most of you know that I found out I got 4 things picked up for publication. I'll be in Scrapbook Answers (next month, if I'm not mistaken), then Creative Techniques Magazine this winter, then Scrapbooking Memories magazine (available only in Australia) asked for two layouts.

I came home just a few minutes ago from stocking up for the MM contest (see previous post), and opened an email from Epson. Apparently they owe me a PictureMate Deluxe printer from winning the CKC-Buffalo Digital contest. I received earlier this week a huge prize package of their papers - including 4x6 Glossy 100 sheet pack, PremierArt Matte Scrapbook Photo Paper 8.5x11, and PAM Scrapbook Photo Paper 12x12, plus a StoryTeller Photo Book Creator. So you can imagine I am in heaven, and feeling blessed. I really do like Epson as a company, I own an Epson Stylus Photo R32o printer and an Epson Perfection 3170 scanner.

Yes, it's shaping up to be a very good week indeed.

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*Jeanne* said...

WOW you are having a awesome week! Good for you JA! Congrats you sure deserve it!

Love your new music from the Wreckers. Love it. What do you do just to put music on your blog.. you want to give your secret? lol

Congrats again... have fun with your stylus!

Marjorie said...

JA..I have that printer and love it. I don't have it connected to my pc...I just use my camera's card and print...you can crop right in the printer...enjoy!!!

Nicole said...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations ! How awesome.

Norma (localocairis)