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Click on the above image so you can better see this very cool thing. My layout that I posted in the digital gallery for the 2peas 2sday chat last night received 3 praise responses. Look at who they are though! Very cool. I'm really enjoying the addition of digital Garden Girls to 2peas. They are so involved with the members much more than the GG have ever been before. Of course, there are some kinks with the site during these chats that need to be worked out - last night we all got bumped out. Nevertheless, it's good times.

I've been scrapping up a storm. Did several layouts yesterday for magazine calls, can't show them though. Yes, I know I just posted recently a message urging everyone to share their work and not hoard it to themselves. But this is for a possible cover so I hope you will forgive me! :) Today I made a birthday gift for my niece who's birthday is Sunday - she is turning 13 -so I made her an altered journal. I started keeping a journal at that age, and I hope that she will find it as rewarding as I have. I will take pics soon. I want to take them outside and our gorgeous day just turned into lightning and the threat of dark clouds. According to Accuweather, it's not supposed to rain until this evening so hopefully soon the clouds will pass.

Hope you are all having a magnificient time making memories and scrapping!

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*Jeanne* said...

I am so excited for you the Garden Girls came out and gave you praise! You work is awesome!

I wrote about you today in my blog... yep its your fault. lol

take care!

khuddle said...

JA, I can not say enough how proud of you I am. You are really seem to have really been rocking lately!!!! YOU ROCK!