Wicked Awesome Thursday

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Another edition of Wicked Awesome Thursday. This week the Design Team at Scrapbooker Online was asked to go RETRO!!!

We were sponsored by Junkitz for the month, and September welcomes the return of the SBO Kits. Lots of yummy goodness.

Today is my mother's birthday so please send my mother birthday blessings and vibes! My niece Anna has her birthday on Sunday.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us<--Click on this image to see the altered journal I made for Anna complete with journaling prompts. I used Sassafrass Lass for this journal.

I want to say much thanks for the love for my new adventure and blog: The Everyday Digital Scrapbooking Idea Blog

In world news, a very nice appreciation of Steve the Crocodile Hunter was written for the NY Times - he will be missed. And did you see Katie on the news? I missed it but will make a point to tune in. In Art & Design news, a charity is giving out $50,000 in grants to artists with NO STRINGS ATTACHED! Wouldn't that come in handy?

Alrighty, scrapper friends. Hope you have a wonderful day, and touch the lives of those around you!

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Anonymous said...

Wish your Mom a Happy Birthday for me!

Anonymous said...

that was me Marjorie...I'm trying the beta version of blogger and apparently I can't post under my blogger id. *sigh*

Karen said...

Julie Ann- these are AWESOME!!! I love love love the altered journal that you did for Anna! SO cool!!!


Lkailani said...

Great work as usual JA!