Memory Trends Report Part B

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Want to see Thena's Memory Trends pictures? Look here and then come back to my blog! My pictures are posted below.

First I have some comments to make on my report posted yesterday. I forgot to mention one very talented and amazing woman that I met: Jen Adams Donnelly. Sorry Jen. You deserve a whole paragraph unto yourself! Jen was helpful to me before the show giving me advice, and was just wonderful to me at the show. In case you are not familiar with her: here is her blog. She is a CK Hall of Famer, and a designer for Designer Digitals. Check out her kits for sale there.

I posted this yesterday:

People I saw but didn't have the nerve to introduce myself - being my first show:
Becky Higgins
Kelli Crowe
Tim Holtz
Jessica Sprague

People I wanted to meet but didn't get a chance to connect with:
Holly Van Dyne
Diana Lyne McGraw
Amy Howe
Tina Freeman

I need to clarify, and give some disclaimers! LOL. I didn't meet Becky Higgins because there was a long line of people waiting to have her sign books, and I was on my way elsewhere so I didn't stop. I saw Kelli Crowe from across the room on my way to a workshop, and intended to stop by again. I saw Jessica Sprague while she was sitting at a table eating lunch and didn't want to disturb her. I was behind Tim Holtz after he came out of the men's restroom and walked up the stairs to the convention hall - awkward timing. Amy Howe whizzed past me the first morning when I got to Basic Grey, and I had promised her before the show that I wouldn't get in the way on the first day of the show because everyone is trying to get their order numbers and it's a zoo. I totally intended to go back and never made it. I tried calling Diana 2x's and the call got dropped so then I gave up on trying to call people from the floor and thus never got in touch with Tina. Thanks for the emails telling me I shouldn't have been intimidated to talk to those people. Part of it were nerves yet a large part of it was timing too that I didn't get to meet these people that I really admire!

So I mentioned that I met Jen Adams Donnelly. She is a digital diva! In fact, the digital community was very well-represented in a way that I totally didn't expect. Sure I knew there was going to be a launch party for new digital software, but I didn't realize that there were SEVEN vendors for digital until I got there. (I was told last year there was ONE digital vendor -I have not confirmed that fact.) Some of the digital vendors included: Adobe, & Lasting Impressions. April Anderton, who just sold her Digital Scrapbooking magazine to Simple Scrapbooks, pointed me to Lasting Impressions and I'm so grateful. If you ever thought that you don't have the time to learn Photoshop Elements, Memory Mixer software by Lasting Impressions is your solution to cutting-edge digital technology. I expected to not like it, and I was so proven wrong. Even Ashley of, a digital scrapbooking store and community, was truly impressed when we witnessed the demo together. I highly suggest Photoshop Elements, but if you truly don't have the time or want to start off with the easiest software out there - please consider Memory Mixer. Here is a snippet of their press release from a year ago:

Lasting Impressions for Paper, Inc., the leading manufacturer of embossing templates, today announced MemoryMixer, the industry’s first truly digital scrapbooking product. The new, consumer-oriented software product is designed to be simple for even novice computer users and engages more of the senses than traditional paper scrapbooking or even early digital solutions. MemoryMixer was unveiled at Memory Trends, a leading scrapbooking tradeshow for retailers.

“Lasting Impressions has introduced a product that will truly revolutionize the scrapbooking industry,” said Lisa Bearnson, founder of Creative Keepsakes Magazine. “The average home has at least a gigabyte of digital photos stored on computer with a limited number of creative ways to enjoy them and share them. MemoryMixer offers families a way to present, narrate and share their favorite photos.”

MemoryMixer will allow people to combine digital video, digital sound, digital photos, computer graphics, typewritten text using their fonts, and narration capabilities into a multimedia experience that brings memories to life. The product also lets users digitally scan memorabilia such as report cards, diplomas, ticket stubs, or a child’s drawing and has multiple output options that include DVD, CD, hardbound book and traditional print. In addition, MemoryMixer allows the digital scrapbook to uniquely retain its printer quality.

“As big as the paper scrapbooking industry is (multi-billion annually), the market for digital scrapbooking is significantly larger,” said Kerry Hill, CEO of Lasting Impressions. “In fact, we estimate that for every traditional scrapbooker there are five individuals who would become scrapbookers if given...... read more

I will definitely be posting more about the digital community's presence at MT over the next few days.

Want to know where you can buy some of the newest products from Memory Trends?
Scrapbooker Online will be receiving Basic Grey next week. SBO already has Pink Martini in the store, and I believe she is expecting KI Memories' Pet Shop, as well as My Mind's Eye Magnolia and Bohemia.

What were some of the catalogs that I brought home with me?
  • Creating Keepsakes Canvas Organization sytem for your closet - see page 4 (pdf document)
  • Prima - Say It In Crystals embellies, Epoxy stickers, Brad Bitts, Clear stamps, 12x12 papers and of course so yummy flowers
  • Scraplight - allows any thin material (paper, photo prints, fabrics, transparencies) to be easily placed and replaced inside the lampshade
  • Cropperware Pages in Progress box: super-powerful magnets keep loose elements in place when you need to stop scrapping - fits in your bag or briefcase
  • DCWV - Once Upon a Time Glitter stacks, All Occasion Glitter stacks, Christmas Glitter stacks (yummy colors), Old World albums, Velvet post-bound albums, Posies, new patterns for adhesive ribbons that co-ordinate with all their stacks, Premium shapes that coordinate with the premium stacks, Rubon ink effects, Rubon Doodles!
  • Daisy D's: Modern Romance- introduces 10-min scrapbooking
  • Upsy Daisy Designs - my favorite lines include Modello and Oodles of Doodles - she also has clear stamps, and charms
  • Maya Road - velvet ric rac (yum), chipboard books
  • Rebekka Erickson - love her decorative metal corners
  • 7gypsies - Naked binders, new 97% complete journal stickes with 3D popdots cut in the shape of the stickers! ; border punches for circle journals
  • Stemma by Masterpiece Studios - Citrus Bleu - very cool quick borders
  • Polka Dot Potatoe - sells wholesale digital scrapbook art cd's to retailers - gorgoeus designs by Bad Candy, Summer Simmons, Faith True and more
  • Dream Street Papers - 1o designers - 16 collections - not only are these girls talented but they are fabulously fun people - favorites include Letters from Julia by Tracy Whitney and Wondrous Winter by Angela Hoffman

First, Beth Root has her name drawn to enter the QuiKutz Cash booth, and goes in with a friend to help her win free QuiKutz goodies.

Second, lots of eye-candy from 7gypsies! Come back tomorrow to hear more and see more pictures! (slideshow repeats itself automatically after a few seconds)

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*Jeanne* said...

WOW JA! What an amazing recap! I don't anyone could have summed up the whole experience better than you! Hopefully next time maybe we could meet and I can go. I would love to meet you face to face dear friend. A lot has been happening to me due to you. I thank you for that. You have been giving me the shove I need. Keep doing it would you? I have been slacking.. I always need your words of wisdom.


Danielle Holsapple said...

JulieAnn - sounds like a fabulous time!!!! I am so jealous you were able to go and glad you went! Next time I hope you feel more comfortable talking to everyone!!! B/C you are so talented and friendly I can't imagine anyone brushing you off!