Christmas Journal Entry and Christmas Clipboard Project

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I posted the cover of my Christmas Journal the other day. Remember, this is 100% digital. I am also taking Amy Sorenson's Big Picture journaling class, and so my first real entry into my CJ is prompted by Amy's homework from last week. (Journaling is printed below)
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I want to show you where I began with my journaling. Amy asked us to write a rough draft of our journaling using basic sentences that do not necessarily have flow to them. My first draft reads,
"I feel ready for Christmas. It is not even December. Dave asked me to include Thanksgiving in my Christmas journal. I hadn't planned it. We did exchange Christmas lists on Tday. I have downloaded Flylady's Holiday Control Journal. We plan to put up the tree next weekend. My parents will visit Christmas Eve. Christmas Day will be spent at Dave's parents. We are buying for Reid and Ray this year. Reid told me his wishlist. He wants the Ice Age DVD, a scary action figure, and Jill says to get him bath toys. I couldn't get over that now he is five he knows exactly what he wants."

After approx. 4 or 5 revisions based on Amy's lessons, my finished journaling reads,
"When I think of Christmas, the first thing that pops into my head is putting up our artificial tree with it's fold down lighted branches as soon as possible after Thanksgiving. The story that I want to tell is that this year I hope our December holidays will be very different because last year I just couldn't seem to get in the spirit. I tried to muster spirit but it was like putting air into a tire that has a leak. Of course, my husband and I were nearing the end of a major re-model that had started at the end of summer so we seemed to be covered under a layer of dust the whole time. I want you to know that this season I will be more aware of the joy in my heart - I will make note of every tiny step of our journey toward December 25th. While we can't put up the tree just yet because we have a painter coming in the next few days to paint the living room, I don't plan on letting the chaos dampen my festive state of mind this year.

One of the reasons I am aware of my Christmas Spirit this year is that I am taking Shimelle's much-hyped online class: Journal Your Christmas. It starts December 1st. Last night David was praising my latest Thanksgiving layout and asked if I was going to include it in my Christmas Journal. I hadn't planned on it because I was waiting for December 1st and Shimelle's writing prompt. I couldn't wrap my brain around that and my first opinion was that Thanksgiving doesn't belong in a Christmas Journal. Then I reconsidered. After all, all the relatives did exchange Christmas Wish Lists on T-day. We also peacefully proposed times we will have our present exchange on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. (Christmas Eve will be with my family and Christmas Day with Dave's family.) And of course, there was the necessary Thankgsiving Day homework - preparation of the battle plan for Christmas shopping on Black Friday. Even though neither Dave nor I ventured out on Black Friday, I did save some of the shopping ads just in case.

Speaking of braving the holiday shopping crowds, this was the first year that the Shahin's decided to put names in a hat for Christmas. We ended up with nephews little Ray, age 3, and Reid. One of the first things I asked the ever cheerful Reid on Thanksgiving was what he wanted for Christmas. He has just turned five years old. Without hesitation, and with enthusiasm - he declared "Ice Age DVD, an action figure that is scary, and the Harry Potter DVD." His mother also suggested bath toys and spiderman slippers. Even though I did ask Reid what he wanted, I was delightfully surprised with his quick answers. I guess I didn't actually expect him to have an answer, or that I might have to prod him to think about an answer by peppering him with questions. Last year was the first year that I think he really understood Christmas, and really savored the magic of the day. He was like a kid in a candy store with no restraints - he wanted to open everyone's presents. I was thrilled for him to know exactly what he wants this year - for him to find his voice. I am full of Christmas joy as I anticipate making a few of his holiday dreams come true."

Below is my altered Christmas clipboard that I made last night. I downloaded as I said above, Flylady's Holiday Control Journal and I thought the altered clipboard was perfect for those papers. However, I think they need to be printed on vellum so I can still see the clipboard through it!

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Vee said...

love your altered clipboard!! very pretty, love the BG Fruitcake papers.
My journal your Christmas album is covered with it!! :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are off to a great start!

Sarah said...

Wow Julie Ann. This looks fab. Csn't wait to see your christmas journal pages.