What is Scrapbooking?

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Scrapbooking is....

"THE" way for me to communicate via my favorite forms of expression: in artistic visual ways, and the written word. It is powerful beyond what I think any of us can grasp as we are creating because I don't think we can fanthom how deeply it touches the hearts of those around us. (spoken from the point of view of a child {me} who has a mother who scrapbooks and alters objects of meaningful family content}).
Thank you to Nikki Workman for the journaling prompt at www.scrapbookeronline.com

I knew there was going to be an article in the Digishoptalk newsletter about my Everyday Digital Scrapbooking blog. Yet I didn't expect it to be such a cool article! Thank you to Melanie a million times over. You really made my day! I would link to the DST newsletter but I'm not sure if that is allowed. If you are dying to see the newsletter, leave me a comment here and I will find out if they are archived somewhere. :)

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Amber Ulmer said...

Fellow P here! Love all of ur LO!! So fabulous!! I enjoyed ur post today! Need to do the challenge myself... I love the banner u have in your siggy line on 2 peas... Photoshop?? Still learning... wanna make fun stuff like that at some point!! Well TTFN!!