10 Days Left

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The challenge for today's entry was to use minimal supplies: background with a strip of paper across with ribbon and the title on it.
Now...what to journal about today? Today, write a bit about those you
will see this Christmas. Do you see the same people every year? Are
they people you see often or do you only see them at Christmas?
Either way, why do you think this is? Do you visit them, do they
visit you or do you all meet somewhere in the middle?

Quick credits: let me know if you want more specific information
Erica Hite A Joyful Season
Mandy Steward Life Journals
Rhonna Farrer Fall Botanicals
Amy Martin Folded Ribbon
Tracy Sims Old Fashioned Christmas
Kate Teague Write Em Up
Tia Bennett Joined at the Hip
ksharonk wishing you
Shabby Princess Holiday Magic bow

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Liz Ness said...

Really cool (seriously loving how this book is developing)! Also, enjoyed reading about you as the Featured Creative Team Member for Everyday Digital Scrapboking! (And, before I forget...Happy Holidays to you and your family)!

Wendy said...

I just found your blog! I absolutely love your style of scrapbooking and you are very inspirational. You have given me some motivation to get back to work on some scrapbook pages. Keep up the great work!!!

beshka said...

omg! this is just stunning! fabulous work!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Your entire album is stunningly beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!

Chiara said...

just beautiful

Anonymous said...

Another beautiful one! I love that ornament!!

Anonymous said...

again... WOW!!!!! :) Love how elegant and stylish your page is. You are so talented!

kathy m said...

Very nice. So elegant. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

you really have a great eye for color. love ALL your pages and the color choices you've made.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty pages! I like how you can take so many elements from different kits and piece them together like they all were part of one kit.

Amy Mowbray said...

You pages are awesome!

nat said...

Love this!!! Your pages look so real - LOL - you knwo what I mean!

Latharia said...

Oh, just beautiful!!! :D