My Favorite Christmas Digital Kits 2006

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Noell asked a great question so I'm posting my answer here for all to see. She asks:
Julie Ann, I'm curious about whether you already had the little products and embellishments that you're using, or if you went and purchased a bunch at the beginning when you started, or if you have gone back to the lss periodically throughout this project for things you wanted to put in the book.

(I'm curious about people's system for a project like this).

Also, who makes the book you're using?


My Christmas journal is 100% digital. I bought several kits and downloaded a bunch of free items that were offered by digital stores or on blogs (you can find out about most of them at

The journal that I use is: - Mandy Steward Life Journals

The main kits that I purchased were: - A Joyful Season by Erica Hite - Holly Jolly collaberation kit - Pajamas 4 Love kit created for charity

Smaller kits that I purchased for this were: - Fee Jardine's Lil Christmas doodles - Faith True Christmas Word Art
Poppy Andrews - Jolly Bits kit - Sande Krieger Season's Greetings

It is my first Christmas season since I started digital in the spring of 2006 so I really splurged!

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