Publication Tip #6

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Publication Tips for Scrapbookers #6
How to Stand Out in the Crowd written by Blue Media

Blue Media has written on their blog a series of tips From a Publisher's Perspective. Here are some of the highlights they give for standing out in a crowd (when submitting for publication). Read the full post here.

1. Be Positive
2. Be Professional. Use proper email etiquette.
3. Be Concise.
4. Be Consistent.

As someone who accepts submissions for Everyday Digital Scrapbooking, I myself would like to add to that list - be prompt! I think it does help to be one of the first to respond to a call, to be the early bird. I can't verify this for the rest of the editors out there, I just know that it makes my job much easier for submissions to come in as early as possible.

Good luck!

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