Publication Tip #13

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Publication Tips for Scrapbookers #13: Learn to be patient while waiting for calls

How long does it take to be notified?
Notification can take anywhere from hours to months! If you submitted to a specific call or contest, you’ll know when people are being notified because of all the “tooting” on the publications board.

Source for above quote: GETTING PUBLISHED - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions by Lisa Moorefield aka Lemonade Stand

I mentioned this once before to submit and then forget that you've submitted - and today, I'd like to really focus on this. I've been emailed several times asking how long did it take for me to be notified for Becky's Sketch in CK. I do believe it was about 3 full months after I submitted it.

Lisa says above you'll know when a call happens if you frequent the Pub however, I have learned to keep my sanity by submitting to a call and then purposefully NOT check the boards for toots. That leaves me more time to create and focus on my family. I also feel more relaxed and can have more fun in the Pub.

There also seems to be a backlash against those who frequently toot. I'll not get into the debate whether to toot or to not toot here. That's up to you to decide for yourself. I personally like seeing toots and being able to congratulate you. If you need someplace to toot, by all means come and toot here!!!

Have a creative day! :)

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Nat said...

As always I love your tips! Thanks so much! And your layout below is sooo awesome!

Tracy said...

Patience? That's a virtue, right? LOL
a good reminder, though. : )