I will be teaching scrapbook classes..........

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I just signed up to teach a scrapbook journaling workshop at Writers and Books here in Rochester in August. I've taken many classes at WAB -it's one of my very favorite things about living here. Probably the last time I was there was before our wedding- almost three years now.

I am also teaching an online class next month - but I can't reveal yet anything about it. When I get the ok, you will be given all the great details.

Publication Tip!

I received an email from someone asking for advice for manufacturer Design Teams. My best advice is that being the early bird and taking initiative can take you a long way. It is very impressive to be on the ball, turn your work in early, and have quick-turn around. Offer to help out in any way without waiting to be asked. Determine what your strength is because they are going to be picking people not necessarily on talent alone, but also on how well you can represent the company and what strength you can bring to the table.

Hope you all have a great creative weekend!

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Andrea said...

Those are great tips...thank you :)