RAK Time!!! Post a comment to win.

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Ta-da!!! here is my first assignment for the Design Team at Creating Inspirations. American Crafts is a sponsor this month and here is what I made using their yummy goodies, with some Creative Imaginations Stickers thrown in. This first photo is a Seal-n-Send Card. Remember those from your childhood?

Great organizer found on clearance at Target this past week!

On to my RAK Contest!!!
Here's the deal - this RAK contest will start now and ends on March 21st at Noon EST. (Here is the time zone converter if you need it.)

To win, you must leave a comment on this post that has to do with hybrid scrapbooking. You can ask a question about hybrid scrapping, tell me why you would like a subscription to Scrapbook Dimensions, leave a comment about the premiere issue of Scrapbook Dimensions, leave a link to a layout you did that is hybrid, leave a tip about hybrid, tell me why you want to gift someone with a subscription to SD etc, etc.

One winner will be drawn at random and the winner will be announced by midnight EST on March 22. The winner will receive a one-year subscription to Scrapbook Dimensions magazine.

Note: If you ask a question about hybrid scrapbooking, I will try to answer the questions here on my blog on March 26th.

Also - did you see the 2peas Hybrid Contest? I just love all the hype surrounding hybrid scrapping right now!

ETA: Leave your 2peas username or your email address for me to contact you if you win!

Good luck~
Julie Ann Shahin

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scrapcat said...

Hi Julie Ann!
Here's my link to the hybrid page I did for the 2ps contest:

I printed a brush onto a transparency and layered on top of my page.

Thanks for having this contest! I would love to get a subscription to this new magazine.

Thanks, Cathy

Debbi T said...

Hi, Julie Ann. I'm intrigued by the hybrid idea. I always admire the digi stuff, but I love the feel and texture of the "real" stuff.

My question is, how can you use all the cool stuff available if you don't have Photo Shop? I have Microsoft Digital Image Pro and haven't been able to figure out how those 2 Peas downloads can work with my program.

I don't have a Blogger account, so I'll sign with my Two Peas name:

Debbi T

Elana said...

I just took Rhonna Farrer's class on learning to use PSE and I'm hooked. I definitely want to start incorporating digital elements into my scrapbooking. My question is do you print things yourself or send them out? What type of printer or services do you use?

s.patel said...

do you have a proportion that seems right to you (digital to real) when you are doin hybrid scrapbooking? like 30 % digital to 70% real?


Anonymous said...

I don't know if this counts... I am in the dark about hybrid scrapbooking. I would love to know what it is. I think a subscription would help me learn and get involved in all that is hybrid. I look forward to your answer and to see who has won (hopefully me lol).

Erin (cutterpea)

Leslie said...

I would love a subscription to SD because I'm just now getting into the digi world and need all the tips and inspiration I can get! :)

Melissa said...

hi julie ann
I love what you did for the Creating Inspirations DT!! Here's my question -- what is the best program to use when just starting in hybrid scrapping? I really want to give this a try but don't know what program to invest in. Thanks!!

Maggie said...

Hi JulieA:
Congrats and I luv the organizer and book.
Have a great weekend.

Jolene said...

I am fairly intimidated by digital scrapbooking in general, but the idea of taking baby steps through hybrid techniques appeals to me. I have so much to learn!!

Meghan Clausen said...

I was wondering what is hybrid scrapping I've never heard of this?
Please tell me.

Sandie said...

Hi! I would LOVE this. Anyway.. the question I have is this. When using one small part of a free kit... ie brush on a picture.. do you credit the site when submitting? Can you even use a small piece of a kit on a regular layout? That's hybrid right?

Yvette said...

As you know, I'm investigating options for a new computer so I can start the hybrid scrapping. SD forum has answered a lot of questions for me. I cannot wait to get started. I did order my subscription already, but I would like to win one for a gift to my sister in Indianapolis, as she has dabbled a little in the digital world. I was just telling her about SD tonite. I do have a question. How do print your all digital or hybrid LO's...at home or with a developer??? Love all your creations and how you put a little digital on the photo of them!!


Corri said...

I must confess...I am still very much a paper scrapper trying to figure my way into the digi world. I am so new at my PSP that it can take me 10 hrs. to get a lo completed. After locking up or some other computer crisis, I print it out at 8x8. I relieve my computer stress by scrapping it on my 12x12 paper and I take out my frustrations by embellishing it with paper scrapping items and printed out digi items. Does it get easier? My computer is so old it can't use PSE or PS. Any good sugguestions to make it faster and easier--in addition to your magazine? I can be reached via 2peas as mlmmom or via email at corrigarrison@gmail (dot) com. TY for this opportunity!

China Doll said...

I think it is an interesting concept.... but I see it as something we all normally do. I mean we buy things that are pre-printed, therefore are digitally made. At time we would crop pictures and some would print it with dates or things on it already. One thing I really need to do is get my boyfriend to make things for me. He knows how to make spectacular titles and what-nots on Photoshop for years. Before digital scrapbooking... just that I been to lazy to ask and he had been too lazy to make them if I do ask. :-P

melanie said...

Since really hearing about hybrid scrapbooking, I've thought more about what elements I can add to a digital layout when I create a page. I like the depth that hybrid brings to my digital pages. I would love more information on bringing my pages more 'to life'. Thanks you for this forum.

Anonymous said...

JA, I have no idea why digi intimidates me. I should be embracing of this - I am a child of the technology era - it shouldn't be a problem. Is it because I am still mastering the traditional form? Is it because I am time poor and don't have the time or patience to learn PS?
I actually tried to start a hybrid today from an instruction and couldn't even do the first thing!
... Forum buddies have even offered to help me start! But I keep baulking ....
What am I waiting for?????

Maybe an annual subscription to Scrapbook Dimensions!!! That should be the trick!!!


Maria said...

Hi! Great RAK! I would love a subscription too! I have been a hybrid scrapbooker for about a year now. I would not scrapbook any other way now. :)

Anonymous said...

Great RAK!
I have a question: do you have to have Photoshop in order to do digital? I have a couple of programs on my computer that i can do photo editing, would those work?
I've done journaling/titles in Word but love some of the things you can do digitally. Thanks for this opportunity.
2 pea name: ScrappinMomaFL

Christel said...

SInce I have never really messed with a Digital SB program, This is a real newbie question, How do they work???

Joyce P. said...

I've just become intrigued with digi scrapping, but love actually having my 'hands-on' paper & stuff with traditional scrapping too. Which is why the idea of hybrid scrapping sounds fantastic to me!! I'd love a subscription to get some great ideas on how to merge the two (and am currently in the process of dl the premier issue).

Gina said...

I'm so excited to try hybrid. I absolutely am addicted to paper, but since I've started into the digi-world, I can't get enough of that either. It will be awesome to combine elements once I print some digital papers/layouts and dress them up!

Jan C. said...

So many terms, so little time! What I would like to know is, what are some of the most commonly used terms and abbreviations one might hear when trying to get into digital and/or hybrid scrapbooking? A little glossary would be so helpful. Thanks, Julie Ann

Anonymous said...

I am just starting to make photo collages to print to use in "paper" layouts. I have PSP and while I am techno savy I just haven't gotten the hang of it enough to try a layout. Do you know of any good tutorials for PSP? Also do you know if PSP has anything similar to auto clipping feature in PS?
bunnyfreak (2peas)

noell said...

Julie Ann--I have a few thoughts.

First, I tried to open the free first issue of scrapbook dimensions. All I can find is buttons for subscribing to the magazine. I cannot find anything to lead me to that first issue.

Second, I really want to learn a few tecniques. Just to go a little hybrid. My problem is that my printer is a dinosaur. It is 61/2 years old. We're not getting a new one (unless I win HOF, LOL). I know my color is not true. So it seems to me that there is nothing I can do in terms of color.

Second, I figured I could do stuff with black ink on colored paper, but my husband reminded me that it probably wouldn't be acid free. What's the deal with printer ink? I know that good printers will make photos that last longer than if you get them developed somewhere. So how do you know if a printer's ink is safe?


Beth said...

I'd love to be entered for your RAK. I think hybrid scrapbooking is interesting and I'd love to learn more about it - I'm a traditional paper-scrapper but I'd love to learn how to incorporate some digital elements into my scrapbooking, if only digital techniques for my photos, or digital techniques for journaling.

My peaname is Beth_W737


Pillowgirl said...

I love the simplicity and less mess factor of Digital scrapbooking, but I also love to use different textures and real 3 dimensional items in my actual scrapbook. A lot of times, I make a digital page and then add a few real items, like silk flowers, stickers, or momentos to a page before it goes into my book. My email pillowgirlmk at comcast.net

khuddle said...

OK.. well, now that I have my PSE5.. I want to do it digi.. well I still want to sniff glue, but I would love the hybrid stuff.. I just need to know it all.... so I post here and maybe I will win. If not... I will just have to buy because I know with any info you put in it it will be great!!!

Pea name jkjjhuddle

Danielle said...

I love Scrapbook Dimensions!!!!!

Lisa said...

I've tried hybrid just a bit, but am so unsure about it that it scared me off a bit. I'd love to know more and learn more about it. Does this magazine have the information I need?

2peas - scrap.n.happy

Sheila Doherty said...

Link to one of my many hybrid layouts. Glad to see they finally have a name for the thing I've been doing forever. ;)


ellen said...

omg, where have you been all my life? just got into hybrid end of last year when i quit my job and got more time to dabble...your blog right into my favs and i am all over the subsription to the mag...tfs and rock on hybriders!

ahiltz said...

I love your creations with the kit! Very cute stuff! Hybrid scrapbooking is something I am interested in getting into, but haven't started yet. As a beginner, where do you suggest I go to learn more about it that will start from the beginning to get me started? Thanks!...Anita

Misty said...

What is hybrid scrapping?

Anonymous said...

I love to purchase scrapbook supplies, but then struggle to actually make a page out of them. The idea of digi-scrapbooking really appeals to me because there is so much you can do with the computer. I am just intimidated by learning how, and worry that I would miss the hands on part.

That is why hybrid might be perfect for me. Is the magazine good for newbies like me who really need lots of direction???

Also - LOVE the american crafts stuff. It is so clean and simple....right up my alley!

2P's name - Tinkles, aka Sara

Tracy Ventura said...

I think hybrid scrapping makes so much sense! I just wish I could get more comfortable with using my computer to create. Scrapbook Dimensions is a mag I will definitely have to check out! I have bookmarked your blog for reference...cool stuff! Thanks!
Tracy (Pea.T.mom of 3 on 2peas)

Joy said...

I've never paper scrapped before - am actually intimidated by all the available supplies and all so hybrid would be a nice way for me to try my hand at all the yummy paper goodies I see. I bet the new mag will give awesome ideas. Excited to see it!

Andrea said...

i've just purchased PSE5...i've been *tinkering* around, and i love it! Can't wait to start hybrid...just have to learn tons more!!!! So, i'm sure Scrapbooking Dimension would be a lifesaver :)

Mac said...

wow I almost missed this!!! As you already know I started with paper and moved to all digi and now I have been incorporating the 2 more often than not. I encourage everyone to at least TRY some form of hybrid out, whether its just printing out digi paper or using photoshop brushes on your photos. Its amazing what great creations can be made from 2 completely different art forms.


Pillowgirl said...

WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! I just got my prize in the mail, thank you SOOOOO much, this is all great stuff, and so much of it! I will scrap for weeks and weeks nonstop with it. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my scrapbookin' heart!