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I'm awake very early for me today. I want to work on a new album for Scrapquick with Michelle Underwood goodies. I have assignments for the magazine, and I have to decide if I want to re-create something for Scrapbook Cards and Today that they are interested in publishing but I no longer have.

I bought the CK Computer Tricks issue and honestly I was underwhelmed by it. It is definitely geared towards those who are computer-shy, in my opinion. Not that there is anything wrong with that! I think it's an excellent way to convert those that are holding out or do not consider themselves hybrid scrappers. I hope Jessica Sprague continues to write more books as I absolutely love her style of teaching and her talent!

For those who enjoy The Secret, have you downloaded your check from the Bank of the Universe?

Have a fabulously creative day and feel good!

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KSmith said...

Love the check. Used the secret DVD in class and had the kids create a vision board. What a interesting experience. Now going to download the check and give each of them one. Thanks for sharing