Publication Tips for Scrapbookers #21

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Tip #21: If you have never been published, get your 15 minutes of fame at this new blog!

Quote from their blog:
"So here's the scoop (as best as I can tell it) Obviously, we're starting a challenge blog highlighting unpublished artists and we made ourselves the design team (cuz we're cool like that). Anyways every 2 weeks we're picking a new guest designer...they must not have been published in a mag or a book. They're going to share a layout and give us all a challenge, then the DT will show their take on the challenge and we'll invite everyone who stops by to do the challenge too and post a link to it in the comments." - summary by Corey
Here is their Challenge #1:

Our houses are full of stuff.
Items that decorate and things that clutter.
Necessities of life and objects of desire.

And then there are the things that bring a smile to our face in the middle of a rainy day or just by walking by. The object that may just be mundane to any family member or visitor; but to you, it stirs up a memory that overwhelms you. It can be a well worn shirt, a bric-a-brac from a vacation long ago or even a new pair of shoes.

Something. Anything.

I want you to create a layout about this object. And journal what comes to mind.
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