A Day in the Life

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A Day in the Life
7 AM...Wake up and think I really ought to get to work. (I used to never ever wake up this early!)

7:30 AM ...Get out of bed and have breakfast or go back to sleep
(Yesterday I got up. Today I chose to go back to sleep)

9 AM Work on big publication project that is coming out by September which I am to do all the graphic design work on myself. I am designing 100% of this publication with the exception of the work of about 20 contributors! I am currently behind on my own schedule I set for this.

10 AM Lay down on my deck outside and let the sun shine on my face while I use the Miracle Ball behind my neck per physical therapist's instructions (Remember I posted about the Miracle Ball many many many months ago?)

10:20 AM Post to the Everyday Digital Scrapbooking blog at http://everydaydigitalscrapbooking.blogspot.com free sketches for everyone!!!

10:30 AM Post on http://jshahin.blogspot.com a freebie and previews of my new mini-albums for sale at scrapquick.com

11:20 AM Test out the video recording capabilites of my old camera

11:30 AM See if my old camera fits on my tripod

11:40 AM Work on my script for the video for the hybrid class I will be teaching this summer for Scrapbook Dimensions University

1:40 PM Get prepared for Editor's Conference Call

2 PM Conference call with the Editor-In-Chief and Managing Editor until after 4 PM at which point I beg them to take a break because I'm losing my concentration! Smile

4:15 PM Attempt to take a break and watch Oprah in bed but too many other thoughts are racing through my mind

4:30 PM Respond to emails

5 PM Continue working on my class for SDMU

6:15 PM Remember that I need to eat today. Nothing at all in house and don't want to take the time to go buy groceries and then I remember there is a can of Chef Boyardee Spaghetti in the cupboard! Yay!

6:45 PM Do leg stretches per physical therapists' orders and ice my knee

7 PM Taking a break to watch Shear Genius on Bravo

7:20 PM Start emailing scrapbook stores all over the country to see if they will consider carrying our magazine in their store. Day 3 of emailing nationally and internationally.

8:09 PM Remember that the finale of AI is on and turn it on although my back is to the TV while I continue emailing stores

9:20 PM Still emailing stores

10 PM Decide to work on the publication that I was working on this morning - get three more pages done

10:30 PM DH gets home from work and I decide I am done working for the day

Midnight Go to bed~!



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KSmith said...

First off love the music. Great choice of month kit love it. You sure do have a busy schedule but I can tell you love it. Enjoy. See at the end of the month.