First Peek at New Book: Doodling for Papercrafters

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Good day all! I hope you are finding lots of creative inspiration today. I wanted to share with you a first peek at a book I'm in called Doodling for Papercrafters by Maelynn Chung. I believe the book will be released before July. Here's a review by Deb of Leisure Arts Publications:

It's the hottest thing in scrapbooking techniques and Maelynn is all over it. Her book gives step-by-step, fear-banishing instructions for putting your unique mark on all your papercraft projects.

And if the idea of taking a pen to one of your pages makes you nervous, just wait until you get a look at all the projects inside. Each of these fantastic doodling designs was created--not by professional in-house designers--but by actual papercrafters just like you.

We loved everything about working on this book--from Maelynn's easy-to-understand instructions, to the totally hand-drawn cover, to the ooohs and aaahs as we unpacked doodling projects mailed in from all over the world. We loved it, and so will you.

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KSmith said...

Oh that looks like a great book for someone who needs a little nudge in the doodling department.PS: Like the CD album covers very funky! Love them