Publication Tip #26 What is Copyright?

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Publication Tips for Scrapbookers: Ever wonder about copyright?

If you would like to know about copyright information, here is a great source. Like the owner of that website, I am just providing a link and I do not answer questions about copyright, debate or offer free legal advice. If you have more questions, perhaps you should contact an attorney.

I can't bear posting a link about copyright and not also provide links to articles about ORIGINAL THOUGHT. I personally do not believe that I am ever the only person to have had a particular idea about something. I believe the brain has to have seen something somewhere to be able to think it up. But this is not about what I believe and so I provide links for you to come to your own conclusions.
Original thoughts. There is nothing new under the sun, merely our understandings.

Randomness Generation as a Path to Original Thought

Article from AIGA on Original Thought

Why 'Not an Original Thought'? Because we are all influenced by the world around us

Fran Lebowitz Original thought is like original sin: both happened before you were born to people you could not have possibly met.

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