Ten Printable Surfaces for Hybrid Scrapbooking

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The fun part of going hybrid is being able to print on different typed of media. From printing on CD's and DVD's to cardstock, envelopes, vellum, and white paper - there are so many choices if you just go searching. Here are a few I found on the internet...although I can't vouch for how well they will work with your printer. Please share your favorite too!

1. Door Hanger Paper

2.Ilford Galerie Smooth Pearl Inkjet Photo Paper

3.Paper, Hi-ti Sticker PHOTO,4X4 640DL

4.Semigloss Scrapbook Photo Paper

5.PremierArt™ Matte Scrapbook Photo Paper for Epson
12x12 paper

6.Crane® Museo Artist Greeting Cards

7.Thai Unryo Paper

Double-sided Rag Paper with inkjet receptive coatings

9.Glossy economical paper for inkjet printers

10.Apollo Quick DRY Universal Inkjet Transparency Film

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