Top Ten Reasons for Traditional Scrappers to Do Hybrid Scrapbooking

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Note: Projects posted are to illustrate the points made in this top ten list. Tutorials for all of these points can be found at Everyday Digital Scrapbooking - link in sidebar.

  • Learning new techniques is so much fun (yes, I'm a geek - I love learning!)
  • You can take your laptop anywhere and scrap anywhere....starting a page while waiting at the doctor's office for instance.
  • Scrap Green! Print only what you need and have less paper scraps as waste.

  • Use digital embellishments that are photo-realistic over and over again (this page is 100% digital and is used to illustrate realistic looking digital embellishments)

  • Salvage a poor photo with poor lighting, add artistic filters to it

  • Photo Editing

  • Add flourishes/swirls to photographs

  • Use a quick page, a layered template, or create your own template to scrap faster. Print it out and put it on cardstock and embellish.

  • Ability to re-size embellishments, letters, papers, etc - gives you unlimited creative freedom.

  • Use actions on your photos to make them pop!

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Nikki Workman said...

Love these great tips!