Book Review for Scrapbookers and More Links

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I posted a two-part book review for Digital & Hybrid Scrapbooking & Card-Making with Photoshop Elements here-I might even be inspired to do a 3rd segment for the review.

Check out these great bloggers who recently left comments:

Other inspiring scrapbookers
Who inspires you?

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Jess Gordon said...

Thanks Julie Ann!!!! Hmmm... who inspires me... YOU :)!!!! OK, off to check out these links :).Merry Christmas!!

mary said...

love your layouts - I'm a traditional paper, scissors, glue type of girl, but you could definitely sway me to try digital! your stocking entry from today was delightful - thanks!

Cindyg said...

Thanks JA! Right back at ya ;)

Bre~Wiebe said...

Looks like a great book :D
Your work inspires me greatly!!!

milkcan said...

Thanks for all the links! Also, I read your book review and I'm definitely going to have to go looking for that book!