The Gift of Music and Christmas Visitors - Two New Journal Pages

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JYC #14
Journaling: The one thing I would really love to happen on Christmas Eve is for my husband to play a few Christmas songs on his acoustic guitar.

Papers: Erica Hite Scrapsimple Paper Template Joyful Season, Erica Hite Joyful Season, Cheryl Barber Glitter Brights Action & Inked Edges
Doily, staples and double tag: Brandy Murry Bella Noel, Erica Hite Fabric Style Tool (on doily) all at
Glitter Cleft & Paper Sheet Music: Gina Cabrera Digital Design Essentials
Inked Edge: Cheryl Barber Scrapgirls
Date Stamp: Amber Clegg Scrap Artist
Fonts: The King & Queen, Jane Austen


JYC #15
Journaling: I am happy that it appears the new tradition is to have my side of the family over on Christmas Eve. It is the favorite night of mine of the whole holiday season. My parents and sister will arrive in the afternoon, have dinner and exchange gifts. My parents will spend the night before traveling back to Ohio the next day. We’ll have the in-laws over the weekend before Christmas to see the house and play cards like Euchre. Good times.

Papers: Erica Hite Joyful Season Mini Paper Add On, Victorian Christmas
Alpha & Vintage figure: Erica Hite Victorian Christmas Scrapgirls
Bow: Syndee Nuckles Merry Memories
Fastener: Jolly kit from Digichick 2006
Inked Edge: Cheryl Barber Scrapgirls
Template: BKB Designs Kiss Brag Book
Font: Jane Austen


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Bre~Wiebe said...

Love your journal pages!!!
Have a great day :D

Wendi said...

absolutely gorgeous! I just love everything about this entry. The date stamp(s) especially look so vintage/cool!

Bee Rozatti said...

Love the vintage feel & glitter, evoking a unique style. Keep up with the great work, it gives me pause. . .love your blog by the way.

Flapsi Hapsi said...

Lovely pages - really vibrant colours.

Elizabeth said...

I really love your music layout, it rocks!