Journal Your Christmas Days 5 - 8

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Day 8
Photo cluster: Nancy Comelab at The Lilypad
Papers: all from Erica Hite at
Ribbon: Sydney Nuckles Jolly at Scrapgirls
Doodles: Poppy Andrews Dreams of Christmas
Alphabet: Kate Hadfield
Date Stamp: Amber Clegg at Scrap Artist
Inked Edge: Cheryl Barber at Scrapgirls
Font: Just Old Fashioned

Prompt 7 for JYC
Quick and simple!

Credits: All from except date
Background: Erica Hite Joyful Season Paper Mini Add-On
Tag: Sydney Nuckles Merry Memories
Rubon wordart: Sydney Nuckles Merry Memories
Fonts: Jane Austen, Just Old Fashion
Date stamp: Amber Clegg from Scrap Artist

Prompt 6 for JYC

Naughty- I was never a very naughty child - perhaps my worst trait at Christmas when I was little was impatience. Especially at our big family gatherings on Christmas Eve where we opened presents from our Aunts & Uncles. I’d pester them to open the gifts. They’d say in 20 minutes but I had no concept of time at all so I’m sure I asked again.

Nice - One of my favorite Christmas memories is when I picked a name at the public library to be a Secret Santa to a needy child. This particular time I was given some details about the girl, her age and what she wanted. Based on this, I bought her a sweatshirt from the Susan B. Anthony House here in Rochester. “Failure is impossible” was the quote on the shirt. I hope she carries this hope with her always.

Background paper & Alpha: Erica Hite Victorian Christmas Scrapgirls
Ribbon: Erica Hite Joyful Season Scrapgirls
Font: Jane Austen
Inked Edge: Cheryl Barber Scrapgirls
Barcode: Carolyn Bender

Day 5 - Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas
I put facts from the History of the Advent Calendar web page Shimelle referred to in today's prompt on the tag.

Background: Jen Wilson Designs Merry Days of Christmas -12th Papers which co-ordinate with her line for My Mind's Eye
Scallop Template: Erica Hite Layer Your Own Scrapgirls
Red paper: Erica Hite Victorian Christmas Scrapgirls
Inked edge: Cheryl Barber Scrapgirls
Tag: Amanda McGeen Journal Prompts Brush Set Scrapgirls
Date stamps: Amber Clegg Scrapartist

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Suzanne Earley said...

I really like what you are doing with your pages. I think my favorite is the Naughty/Nice page.

Latharia said...

Oh, very fun! Love today's page especially! It's got such fun energy!!!

Jemma said...

love your pages!! I too love the naughty/nice page, its really looking great!