Prompts 1 & 2 for Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas

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It's back! My Christmas Journal - that is. You can view my Christmas Journal from last year and see how I made it into a hybrid album at - you can buy the single issue Vol. 1 Issue 4 or you can buy a subscription! I also interviewed Shimelle for this issue too so check it out!

Prompt 1
My manifesto. The bonus to taking Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas is that you pay one year, and you are a lifetime member. This year she has a private forum and everything! This year, I'm going to do a 4x6 album. I opened the PDF from Shimelle's prompt in PSE and copied the manifesto.

Erica Hite: Victorian Christmas at Scrapgirls
Title: Erica Hite Le Jardin Alpha Template
Inked edge: Cheryl Barber Inked Edges Tool 4101
Date stamp: Amber Clegg at Scrap Artist

Prompt 2
Word ARt: Faith True Christmas Word Art
Background: Erica Hite Victorian Christmas at Scrapgirls
Border: Doris Castle
Date stamp: Amber Clegg at Scrap Artist
Snowflake: Poppy Andrews Jolly Bits
Font: Jane Austen
Inked edge: Cheryl Barber at Scrapgirls
Size: 4x6

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deb said...

I've always wanted to take one of Shimelle's classes. Can't wait to peek in on yours. :)

Anonymous said...

I so hope you get your Christmas wish! I journaled on my page that after waiting for so long there was nothing more to dream that Christmas through our children's eyes is incredible! Both of our girls came home from China. Your journal page was fantastic and just wanted to share that we are praying for your dream to come true! :) TeresaP