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Publication Tips for Scrapbokers: Time to Celebrate
I highly recommend the Art Biz Blog by Alyson Stanfield. She posted some year-end roundup questions and an invitation to join her on December 20th to meditate on your accomplishments.

Copied from her newsletter:

Here is an inventory of questions to prompt your memory.

How did you promote your art?
What did you do to enhance your online presence?
What technological skills did you learn or improve?
How many people did you add to your mailing list?
Who were the top ten cool or influential people you met?
Did you create a new business card, portfolio, or other marketing piece?
What medium or skill did you attempt or master?
What did you try that was completely new?
What did you try that was uncomfortable, but helped you grow?
What new art events, galleries, and museums did you visit?
What resources did you discover?
How did you improve your studio habits?
What books did you read to help your career?
What seminars/workshops/lectures did you attend?
What organizations were you involved with?
What grants/honors/awards did you receive?
What articles were written about your work?
What submissions did you make?
Where did you save a wad of money?
What was the single best thing that happened to your art career in 2007?

Thanks Alyson for being an inspiration for over a year for me!

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