As Seen In Premiere Issue of {PrimaHybrid} Fresh Cuts Newsletter

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Did you get the first Fresh Cuts newsletter? (Check your spam box just in case). The following layout was featured with instructions on how to make it yourself! If you would like a copy of the newsletter, send me your email address. Almost all of the supplies are from the Prima Hybrid shoppe , except the vintage paper and monogram card.


(Photos taken Dec. 31, 07)

Since the sun was shining, I asked Dave if he'd like to go for a walk. Snow had fallen overnight so I wanted to get a few pics. I was happy that the new hat I got from Dana covers my ears from the wind. We might even go for another walk tomorrow although we are supposed to get a lot of snow then.

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myfrogprince said...

Love the crystals and the flowers, this turned out fab!

Dee Light said...

I love this stuff, just lovely. I've got to figure out my new photo shop program and then I hope to learn more about this kind of scrapbooking.