Congrats to the 2008 Scrapbook Dimensions Magazine Dream Team!

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Thanks to everyone who entered our Scrapbook Dimensions Magazine Dream Team Call.
There is so much talent out there and it was so hard to choose.
We are thrilled to have this talented group of girls! Congratulations to all of you!

Vicki Chrisman- Creative Director in charge of Dream Team

Julie Balzar aka milkcan

Julie Kelley

Gina Lideros

Chere Nordstran ETA: her blog is here

Indah Permata Sari

and 12-year old sensation Bre Wiebe!

View their bio's here

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LeslieinTN said...

Wow! Looks like a super creative team you all have built!! I can't wait to see their creations. :) Bre is just amazing - one talented girl!!!!!!

deb said...

Looks like quite the team! Vicki Chrisman is amazing!