Need hybrid ideas for your hybrid scrapbooking?

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Hybrid is digital and traditional scrapbooking combined, and it's taking the industry by storm if you are familiar with my blog. Just a gentle reminder that orders are being taken every month for the Scrapbook Dimensions Magazine Week-At-A-Glance Inspirational Planner. Orders can be placed here and for a limited time you receive ALL OF 2008 PLUS JANUARY TO APRIL 2009.

DETAILS: We have re-designed the base for the calendar and it's fantastic. This base will hold up for years to come. The binding also will allow you to open it up and put in refills of the calendar.
The calendar measures approximately 12" wide by 6" tall. The week-at-a-glance pages are on the left side and measure just under 6" x 6". The inspiration pages are on the right side and measure the same. The calendar base allows you to stand it up. Plus you can lay it down flat when you want to write in it.

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