Get CRD's Build-A-Bloom Now and Maybe a Spot on her CT!!!

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I thought I had shared this card on the blog here but in searching my recent posts, I guess I've been neglectful. In case you didn't see this card posted in one of several online galleries, here is a card I made for Mother's Day. Yes, now that I think about it - I didn't post in on my blog in case my mother-in-law got a glimpse.

Now you can get these Build-A-Blooms for free from Christina Renee's Authentic Artistry blog.

Want to grab a spot on Christina Renee's Creative Team?

  • Preferably ones that aren’t afraid to jump in here,
  • maybe show a few techniques sometimes on AA,
  • sneak peaks just keep everyone updated and overall be active in our scrapping community, Flickr, Etsy, places like that.
  • Digi-Pros, Paper-Pros, Stamp-a-holics and Hybrid peeps, I need you ALL!! :)
  • You’ll basically have access to everything of Christina Renee Designs,
  • a forum to communicate with the other CT’s
  • and the requirements will be to just scrap your rear off, hahahah…I WISH it were that easy to get rid of my big rear, lol.
  • Coooooooooooollll stuff though yall, like really COOL “out of the box stuff” stuff! You must be PREPARED to BE CREATIVE in a BIG way because we need samples for SO MUCH stuff, for CRD, for CHA for Prima, etc.!
  • Anyhow more on this later but if your the least bit interested make sure you say so when you link us to your “Build a Bloom” creation and gallery (s).


WANT a SWEET CT gig for end of May’ish-July? I’d like to see what you can come up with ONLY using what’s in this “Build a Bloom” set. Yes, you can use fonts and of course pictures but otherwise I want to see your brain in action. :) I’ll also give out 1st place-$15GC to CRD, 2nd-$10 and 3rd $5.

Just wanna play for the heck of it-Go for it, combine with whatever else you’d like but using as much of this set as possible and the same gifts apply for this group as well! 1st place-$15GC to CRD, 2nd-$10 and 3rd $5.

Winners to be announced next Friday when our new challenge will go up! :)

Go here to get the Build-A-Bloom set and more info!

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Krystin said...

I love how you made the flowers pop out of the card...adds so much dimension. So pretty.

Vicki C said...

Beautiful always Julie!
I tagged you on my blog today.

deb said...

SUCH a pretty card! Love your work JA!