**FREE** blogshop at {we are} storytellers coming July 4th

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Since there is the awesome 20% off Page Turner Tuesday sale on KITS at {we are} storytellers, I thought this would be a good time to announce the huge BLOGSHOP (blog + workshop) I am doing with other wst storytellers this summer.

Dates: July 4 - September 5th, every Friday

Topic: Staycation

What is a staycation? It's a vacation taken in your own backyard. I don't know about you but when I was growing up my family didn't go on many trips. We did more daytrips, and relaxing time spent at home. With gas prices and the economy, there's a new term called "staycation". Each week this summer, I will be giving you prompts for making the most of summer whether you are taking a staycation or just enjoying your town and your backyard. Each prompt comes with a project idea that you could do either hybrid or digital.

Be sure to check out the wst blog on Friday, July 4th for the first prompt.

Also be sure to get your wst kits today - they are rarely on sale and this time it's 20% off!!!!! Sale ends at midnight.
You'll want to stock up on these great summer kits:
any of these would work for your staycation projects

Did I mention there's going to be challenges with PRIZES??? A special gallery and forum too!!!!! See you Friday!

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Cindyg said...

Hi JA - Just peeking in to see what you were up to :)

ScrapScene said...

Awesome kits - beautiful!