Hybrid Class #1 - Task 4 - Almost Finished!!

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Today is PRINTING day!!! We are almost done with our hybrid layout...and when you're done - you'll say "well - that was so simple! I'll do it again!"

Here's what we are printing:
  • Photo or photos
  • Journal tag
  • Embellishment tag
  • Patterned paper strip
  • Yesterday's word art tag if you haven't printed it yet
My photo is about 5x7 and it is a landscape photo from a trip to Key West. You can print out one photo that size, or several photos that fit into a 5x7 space. If you want to make a 5x7 photo collage in Photoshop Elements, follow these instructions.
  1. Open your photographs.
  2. Create a new document by going to File --> New Document. Enter in the dimensions 5" x 7" at 300 dpi, white background.
  3. Drag your photo onto the new document. Re-size using the "move" tool.
  4. Drag the additional photos onto the new document, and they will be on a new layer(s). If you need to trim a photo so it will fit, use the rectangle marquee tool. You'll have to make sure the photo's layer is selected, draw a rectangle around the part you wish to cut away. Click ctrl+x to cut.
This is going to be where your journaling goes. If you normally hand-write your journaling, try typing out your journaling onto a digital tag with the computer, OR if you have a regular typewriter, print out the digital tag and then add your journaling to it with a typewriter. If you normally type your journaling, try hand-writing.

Journal tag suggestions:

A circle tag is the last hybrid item for this layout. If you need a circle freebie, you can get one at the SIS TV digi blog here, or here. It's a downloadble PDF.

Choose a digital patterned paper that screams summer or co-ordinates with your photo. We only need a strip of it about 1" x 11".

I print on matte photo paper, size 8.5" x 11". So when I print a photo, I also print out the tags I need and the patterned paper strip I need.

There are some great tutorials on printing out there...one place to look is at Prima Hybrid. If you don't find what you need, I believe Di Hickman has some on her blog too.

Traditional embellishments and putting it all together!

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These classes look great - can't wait to see them! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! :)