Introducing Prima's New Hybrid Products for Scrapbooking

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The Prima blog posted sneak peeks of CHA Summer 2008 products being released for the hybrid market. I had the opportunity to go to exclusive instructor training for these products recently, and got the first look at these products in person. It is super exciting and such pure genius on behalf of Prima Marketing, Sally & Josie of Iron Orchid Designs and the rest of the Prima Hybrid product designers.

RFH - the new standard for digital and hybrid. Don’t worry, Prima Hybrid, is still Prima Hybrid, but we’ve fine tuned it to be in sync with the RFH standard. RFH is the acronym for Retail Friendly Hybrid . It’s a new standard for creating digital and hybrid projects, which help supports the industry, specifically retailers. The digital aspect does not compete with the physical, in fact, they work together perfectly!

With Retail Friendly Hybrid , the digital products are built closely around the physical products, and vice versa. The digital does not merely coordinate with, but is actually incomplete without the physical counterpart. It’s a new way of doing hybrid; making it easier, more fun, and resulting in a layered kind of crafting that can only be achieved with a digital product that is completely in sync with the physical product!

To learn more about Prima's Retail Friendly Hybrid , and to try an amazing hybrid make-n-take, please stop by our booths at the CHA summer show in Rosemont-#1443 and 1533!

OR sign up at the CHA Summer show to attend PrimaHybrid's Retail Workshop- WO36, Friday 3:00-5:00, Room 25. Come ready to learn all about Prima's Retail Friendly Hybrid program and make a super fun mini-mini album! For registration please visit:

Each of Prima's paper lines will have a corresponding CD with digital elements that work perfectly with Prima's physical products! What an exciting new way for digital scrappers to add dimension to their designs, AND for paper scrappers to add elements that were never available for physical projects before! As a bonus, look for QuickPages on the CD! Layout by Josie Celio

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Jen said...

oh, wow! this is great stuff! i love the opportunity to do paper and glue scrapbooking as well as digi as well as mixing it all up!!!