Sneak Peek of Hybrid Class Layout

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Here is a peek (above) at my layout - this is the part with my ATC Card. Now for some questions and answers:

Question: I can't wait to see your completed layout so I can get an idea of what kit I should use for my own! How many pictures should I look for, how much journaling, etc? Thanks Julie! I'm excited about this! - Kelleigh

Answer: I love your enthusiasm Kelleigh. We each have a different process for layouts - some start with photos, some start with journaling. I am having you try something new by starting with these techniques and products first. It's a great exercise in stretching your creative skills. The photos and journaling will be in a separate step later this week. Enjoy the process!!!

Question: I've made 2 hybride ATC's in the past, can I use one of them to link? - Iris
Answer: Definitely. If you have a hybrid (must have digital in it) ATC that you have not scrapped and want to use it, then go ahead.

Here are hybrid ATC's by Iris 1975

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