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Celebrate freedom and patriotism with this 12"x12" quick page album! It's so important that we get our life art OFF of our computers and into our homes! Now you have no excuse! Pop in your photos, add a little journaling, print, assemble and within hours you have the perfect patriotic gift or home accessory. This quick page album contains EIGHT album pages. Each album page is a high quality, individual, 300 dpi .png file. Spend $5.00 or more in Emily Powers' store through 11:59 PM EST on Tuesday, September 2nd and get the Celebrate! I'm Free Quick Page Album FREE!

*This layout contains footnotes.

Dear Reid,
When I decided I'd like to have sleepovers this
summer with you at our home once a week, it
was because I’ve always had a special connection
with you. I came into this family when the nieces
and nephews were coming out of childhood, and
before I knew it they were teenagers. Teenagers
prefer not to hang around adults like me. But I’ve
known you since Day 1 of your life. You are
sometimes like my little shadow. I am one of the
only adults that will get down on your level and
play with you. You are still young enough to eat
up all the adult attention you can get, being the
youngest with everyone else much older than you.
I could never say that I favor one of you kids over
the others because there is equal love in my heart
for you all. It is a fact, though, that you let me into
your world unlike the other kids in our family.
Sometimes you slip and call me “Mom” and sometimes
you call Uncle David “Dad” but you always catch
yourself. It’s amazing that even your mother tells
you I am like a second or third mother to you
(after Grandma), and she thinks it is a good thing
for you to feel comfortable enough to slip and call
me “Mom.” I like being your Aunt. I like showing
you the world through my eyes, and being a confidant
that maybe I wouldn’t be if I was your mother. I am honored
to be able to have an influence over your development and
to have your adoration but you also have my adoration.
You have better recall & memory than anyone I
know, you are utterly unique. You bring more joy and
love into my world than what I already have, and when
I was already content as can be. I am the luckiest
Aunt in the world!

Thank you Reid!
August 2008

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this layout contains {footnotes} if you would like to learn more about how this layout was created, please visit our education gallery at {we are} storytellers

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