Sweet Tooth!

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Deb D'amboise has done it again with marvelous wood shapes for Say It With Letters: The Sweet Tooth Collection. Here is my take on the collection: buttoned cupcakes, cherry pie, and more ice cream!

Visit the Say It with Letters blog for more fun ideas using these shapes by the rest of the SIWL Design Team!!!!

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deb said...

I just love these JA!!

LeslieinTN said...

Love them! I especially like that the edges are plain either. I ate at a cupcake store earlier this month while on vacation and thought of you. :) They had DELICIOUS cupcakes and while I've never been much of a cake liking person, I WILL be going back!

Julie Masse said...

I absolutely LOVE your projects here - so colorful and fun!! They just make me smile!! Thanks for the warm welcome, I'm really looking forward to working with you! :)