Most Recent Digi & Hybrid Creations!

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Git R Done Mini Kit by beAudacious Designs
Morning Glory Paper Pack by beAudacious Designs
Bohemian Autumn by beAudacious Designs
Daily Birdie Font by beAudacious Designs
Bird Brain by beAudacious Designs
Keep It Simple Sweetie January Template by Two Sisters Designs
**NEW** Roughed Up Mats by Emily Merritt
Friends Furever by Kathryn Wilson
Other font: Champignon

Rockabilly by beAudacious Designs

{credits} digital all from wearestorytellers
Monter Mash by Emily Powers
Rockabilly by Audrey Neal
Other: Hambly transparency, Queen & Co. felt trim, houndstooth tape at SIS TV, Jenni Bowlin ticket, MM letter stickers

all from wearestorytellers, beAudacious Designs
Random Advice
Chipper Birdie Alpha
Bits of Ribbon
Daily Birdie Font

Rain Or Shine
Git R' Done Mini Kit
Birdbrain Mini Kit
Apple of My Eye
Daily Birdie Font
Laugh it Up Word Art
all by beAudacious Designs at wearestorytellers
Other: Inked edge - Little Black Dress by Jan Crowley

FALLing Leaves
Fall Collection: Mini-Kit No. 3
by Two Sisters Designs
{Special Offer. Book Fair - Spend $3.99 or more and get this kit for $2.00} Today Oct. 9 through Sunday!
Daily Birdie Font by beAudacious Designs

KISS April Templates by Two Sisters Designs
Anchors Away by wearestorytellers

Tales from The Manor by Angela Powers and Paislee Press

Bits of Ribbon by beAudacious
New Life by wearestorytellers
New Life Add-On by Emily Merritt

Getting a new boat brings me back to my earliest childhood memories of boating with my family. I was a toddler and I loved boating and was only mildly fearful of the water. I remember being hesitant to step from the dock into the boat because what if I fell in? I was just a little thing. I remember sitting on the back seat of the boat with my orange life jacket around my neck, and watching the wake left behind. I remember my mom and Aunt taking us to the beach in the boat from our cottages on Lake Erie. I don't remember fishing expeditions but I do have a memory of watching my grandfather fillet a fish. It's a cherished memory because he died when I was not yet 4, and I don't remember much of him at all. I remember that he loved me. It's a strong memory that all of a sudden has me grieving a grandfather I barely remember, and now crying over his loss for the first time in 37 years. It's good because they say all tears are healing tears.

from wearestorytellers
***NEW** Little Miss by Kathryn Wilson and Penny Springman coming today!!!
Git R Done by BeAudacious Designs
Daily Birdie Font by BeAudacious Designs

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