Publication Tip #38: Advice Plus Sharing on Facebook

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Publication Tips for Scrapbookers #38

"Until the really "great" stuff comes along, (insert your name here), do the not-so-great stuff.

The not-so-great stuff always leads to the great stuff. Whereas doing nothing pretty much leads to nowhere.

And do it with a passion -

The Universe"

Thoughts become things: choose the good ones

My advice for today is to do whatever you do today with passion.

Now I want to talk for a moment about sharing your scrapbooking projects on Facebook. {2/18/2009: Update - the terms have been changed back to the old terms (for now), read the full statement from Facebook spokesperson here} The rest was written on 2/17/ 2009 by me: I love Facebook. (Love love love love love Facebook!) I neglect this blog since I have become a heavy Facebook user. I have received publication offers and design team offers through my networking on Facebook. I will not be leaving Facebook due to the latest controversy, but I will be protecting my images and notes on Facebook as best as I can. In case you haven't heard, Facebook changed its' ToS (Terms of Service) earlier this month. Facebook groups have formed in protest (see links below). What does this mean for scrapbookers looking to publish their artwork?

  • Set all of your privacy settings to "Friends Only"
  • Add the following to your "About Me" or the box under your profile photo
    "Notice to Facebook: notwithstanding Facebook's new Terms of Use, any use of my content is always subject to my privacy settings and Facebook's use terminates upon my termination of my account or removal of my content, whichever is the earlier."
  • Watermark your images ( )
  • Add the following when you upload any photographs, images or notes
    Layout by ________________
    copyright 2009
    All Rights Reserved
    The unauthorized reproduction and usage of any image is strictly prohibited.
  • Realize that if you upload an image to Facebook, that it will remain on Facebook accessible to your friends, even if you delete it or terminate your Facebook account - just as an image would remain with your friend if you emailed it and then deleted the email. So think twice about uploading pictures when you are drunk or an otherwise embarrassing moment you don't want online forever.
What is she talking about? What is the latest Facebook controversy?

It's been written about a lot in the last 24 hours so here are the best links regarding Facebook's changes to its Terms of Service (ToS) {copy and paste the links because blogger won't let me make links for some reason, sorry}


  • It's Complicated Who Owns User Content on Facebook- Znet
  • Facebook: Relax, We Won't Sell Your Photos
  • The Facebook Terms of Service and Why It Doesn't Mean Much (for a different viewpoint)
Taking Action as a Facebook User
  • People Against the New Terms of Service group(when I joined this group yesterday morning it had 2,000 members - now it has over 24,000 members and it is the best place to get updates)
  • Watermark your images
  • see my suggestions above starting with Set all of your privacy settings to "Friends Only"
  • As Sally Lynn posted on my Facebook page, wait until the dust settles. This (social networking) is new territory for the lawyers and I, Julie Ann, believe the benefits outweigh all else!!! (Did I mention I do love Facebook?) LOL
Have a great day!

P.S. I am not a lawyer, please consult a lawyer if you are concerned.

2/18/2009: Update - the terms have been changed back to the old terms (for now), read the full statement from Facebook spokesperson here

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Houston said...

Thanks Julie Ann

Alicia said...

wow, thanks for the information! I'm VERY new to facebook, so it will be great to get started right!

Rachel said...

They changed back to the old TOS for now

Julie Ann Shahin said...

Yes, Rachel, I've updated my post. thanks! :)

Megan Leslie said...

wow, thanks for that...not that any of my stuff is worth pinching =-)

KimberlyRae said...

Hi Julie!
so that I totally understand and before I go off my rocker with this an issue??
or has this issue been taken care of??
Please, email direct with an answer, asap, honey.
thank you so much,

Julie Ann Shahin said...

click on "newer post" or go here for the update