You Have Until Thursday Evening to Join Dare #124

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We Digi Dare Ya!

We’re putting the spotlight on the lovely Peppermint this week and taking a page from her playbook for our dare!

I have been seeing all of Peppermint’s layouts that she is doing for her Husband weekly telling him the reasons why she loves him. I think they are fantastic and while all of the reasons that you love someone or thing are great, I think that some of them are things that we take for granted and it’s nice to just tell that special someone that you love them for something simple that they do for you. I want you to choose on person or thing in your life and think about 5 reasons why you love them and then create a layout.

Dare Flair:

  • Use at least 1 photo of the person/thing that your layout is centered around.
  • I want to see white space on each side of your layout, so center it and fill the center 1/3 of the page from top to bottom.
  • Journal each reason in a different way. Use Tags, stickers, scrap pieces of paper, etc…
  • Use red on your layout somewhere, but you can NOT use any hearts anywhere on the page. (Note from Julie Ann: I did not follow this direction by chance but YOU have to follow to win!)

Each week, everyone who participates receives a coupon to our sponsor in the spotlight that week and everyone is entered into the drawing to receive the grand prize of a $10 Coupon to each of our sponsors! Layouts are due on Thursday! Go to the Digi Dares blog at

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